Major Egg Exporters

Major Egg Exporters

When you have your own chickens and a dozen or more eggs every day, you start looking for creative ways to use them – and not waste them when you have too many. You start asking questions like, Are too many eggs bad for me? How long can they last in the fridge? Can I freeze them?

A hundred years ago, you just asked grandma. Now we have Google, thank god. A few months ago, I came across a problem that not many people have and even Google failed me at first. At that time we had a surfeit of eggs. I’m talking two dozen a day extra. So I was hard-boiling them to supplement my dogs’ diet – as well as to cut down on store-bought dog food.

The problem was not making the perfect hard boiled egg. Everybody (and their dog) has a tip for doing that. My problem was peeling the dang things without them falling to pieces between my fingers.

Here are some of the things I tried.

1. Crack’em and soak ’em. After they’re cooked, the idea was to let some water work its way in between the egg white and the membrane under the shell. Good idea. Didn’t work.

2. Roll the egg back and forth on a table under the flat of your hand. Excellent – but dumb. All you end up with is mini-shards that won’t come off.

3. Dig a spoon under the shell. Great idea if the shell isn’t super-glued to the white.

4. Put crap in the water before cooking. Salt, baking soda, dynamite. Nothing worked.

Then I read that my problem was that my eggs were too fresh. The membrane between the white and the shell shrinks over time and makes the hard-boiled eggs easy to peel. Duh. Problem solved. Leave the eggs lying around for a week or two. It does beg the question though, How old are the eggs that you buy in the store? The answer, about 30 days.